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Proverbs To Live By

Scott discusses cute little quotes from Russians and Billy Shakes. Email scott@thescotttake.com

Attention SCOTTCastigators! The PodKing Debate Approaches!

Scott talks about the podking debates, being recorded tomorrow

An Email of Praise and Concern

Scott addresses an email sent in by David. If you want Scott to retaliate to your email, send a message to scott@thescotttake.com

My Next Car

Scott lays out very specific specs he wants his next car to meet.


Scott opines on what aliens being real means for life's triumph over chaos. Star Wars.

The Greatest Invention

The Scott Take is back! Scott opines on the world's greatest inventions.

Introducing: The Adventures of Biz and Bop

Scott unveils a small part of the larger Hamtramck Avengers Podomatic Universe: the subterranean stone imps called Biz and Bop!

Sapiens, Fictions, and Grocery Stores

Scott makes a tweak to the format of the show and discusses a book he's reading.

The First Presidential Debate of 2020

Scott and Scott cover the first presidential debate of 2020

Book Acquisition Syndrome

Scott goes on about buying too many books

The Trailer Park Boys Cartoon and Psychological Dynamics

Describing the psychological dynamics between the characters from Trailer Park Boys

SCOTTCast's New Digs Get Dug

Ian is happy with the new pod set-up.


New sound for The All New Scott Take and a story about Scott's first tequila purchase

The Medium Is The Message

Scott talks about Socrates then completely sullies the concept with his own thoughts.

The Right To Repair (And Happy Birthday David!)

Where's Scott been? He's been in his quaint little mixer repair shop, where he is shopkeep, about twelve square feet in total spanning the building in a town of about ...

Craigy Ferg

Scott talks about Craigy Ferg

India, the Country, not Theo Von

Scott rambles about a reviewer without even mentioning India in any significant way.

Beer Review | SCOTTCast Sampler Pack

Scott talks about beer with Ian. On episode #108: Meat Lenses

Conspiracies and Youth

Scott talks about conspiracies being a holdover from being young in a world of old people.

Scott Talks With A Robe Over His Head

Scott opts to talk with a robe over his head instead of buying acoustic foam.

Part 3: Podcast Sound Test

Scott talks about his failed sound tests

Part 2: Podcast Sound Test

Scott talks at around -16 lufs integrated with basically a tit more dynamic range so he can sound like some New Jersey idiots.

Part 1: Podcast Sound Test

Scott talks at around -16 lufs integrated with barely any dynamic range so he can sound like some mawkish blokes.

The First Friday Rantathon

Scott wanted to challenge himself, so here he is talking for forty straight minutes. He talks about talking, tracking yourself, good samaritan conspiracies, and the ma...

Waiting For Drew-dot

Scott waits for Drew to meet for a pod

Theo Von Is Not On This Episode

Theo Von isn't even associated with this podcast.

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